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Lanco Integrated - 德国

Montage- und Zuführtechnik
Rosenstraße 15, 73650 Winterbach,

Phone: +49 7181 707 0

传真:+49 7181 707 170

Lanco Germany

2013年,Lanco Integrated 收购了位于德国温特巴赫的 OKU Systems GmbH,借此将业务拓展到欧洲。OKU Systems GmbH 于 60 年前在斯图加特成立,是基于计算机辅助制造的自动装配机方面的先驱。

“There are very few automation suppliers that I have confidence in to handle very large or complex automation projects.  Lanco has proven over time that it can handle the large and complex projects." 

Ken, Sr. Manufacturing Development Engineer - Technology Manufacturer


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