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Meet Our Leadership

Vice President of Corporate Development

Jonathan Robertson

Jon Robertson pursues relentlessly the success of people and systems around him, whether co-workers, external customers or mechanical assembly systems. As an electrical engineer from LeTourneau University, Jon started his career in Greenville, TX with E-Systems, Inc. (now Raytheon IIS). Helping design and integrate massive electrical systems on aircraft spawned his passion around system integration that has continued for almost thirty years. After further experience integrating systems in the Automotive, Petro-Chemical, Electronics and Aerospace industries in the US and China, Jon settled in at Lanco in 2002, helping lead the design, build, integration and deployment of assembly systems for Lanco’s customers.

Pulled by Lanco’s customers to support them as they grew in Asia, Jon and his family moved to Hong Kong in 2007, opening Lanco’s division there and exploring Lanco’s path for success in East Asia with customers, new employees, suppliers, and relationships that continue to this day. Since returning late in 2010, Jon has specialized in working through difficult efforts to help bring a small company to the world stage, whether advancing internal processes, helping interdivisional teams succeed with difficult programs, or supporting Lanco and its customers to win with technically difficult system integration efforts.

An avid hiker, gearhead, and community development participant and leader, one of Jon’s greatest pleasures was hiking with his family of 6 across Spain on the Camino in 2016, a trip he recommends to everyone who wants to understand what a tremendous world we live in.

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