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Micro Precision Applications

Efficiently handle even the smallest parts on your assembly or test system. We have the expertise to assemble, test, and inspect parts and components at the most challenging micron levels.

Complex Micro Precision

Optimize Your Line with Micro Precision

Used in the most challenging assembly systems in the world, Lanco Integrated micro automation enables you to achieve the highest product quality and efficiency. Consistently maintain high output with innovative automated processes to complete tasks that require speed, precision and the handling of very small parts. Our decades of experience includes integrating advanced capabilities to transform the production abilities of manufacturers in industries such as: 📺  MEMS Process Example

Innovative Micro Automation

Precise Process Integration

Refine and improve your assembly with precise micron level automation capabilities you may have thought impossible. Achieve consistency, compliance and record efficiency with meticulous part feeding and material handling processes. Ensure even the smallest parts you produce can be assembled efficiently. Optimize your small-part manufacturing automation with micro precision applications related to:

  • Solenoids
  • Suture Assembly
  • Hearing Aid and Microphone Assembly
  • High Frequency Electronic Components
  • Medical Staple Manufacture and Insertion


Automotive - Brake Module

Semi - Automatic Brake Module assembly on our Lanco HFL 2002 -S pallet transfer system.

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Automotive Switches

Semi-Automatic system assembling steering wheel switches. This is built on the Lanco HFL 2002-S pallet transfer system.

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Consumer Products Brochure

Lanco is acutely aware of the importance of time-to-market in the Consumer Products sector and the need to produce cosmetically perfect parts.

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Corporate Brochure

From concept and development to finished product and after-sales service, Lanco Integrated empowers global assembly.

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Corporate Video

Lanco Integrated specializes in creating modular powered and free and cam driven assembly systems designed for future expansion and changes based on customer needs.

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Corporate Video (Chinese Subtitles)

Lanco Integrated specializes in creating modular powered and free and cam driven assembly systems designed for future expansion and changes based on customer needs.

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Covid 19 - How an Automator partnered with customers to tackle Covid

Lanco Integrated 2020 Partnering with customers to tackle Covid on multiple fronts. From diagnostic test kits, sanitizer dispensers and Trigger pumps for disinfectants, Lanco's assembly systems have produced millions of components critical to the fight against Covid.

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Voice of the Customer - Guala Dispensing

Lanco Integrated has been partnering with Guala Dispensing for over 25 years. Guala is the leading manufacturer of trigger sprayers and pump dispensers. Meet Paolo Ratto, the COO of Guala Dispensing. Learn how Lanco Integrated has manufactured reliable assembly systems that keep Guala running full production throughout the year!

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Medical Device Assembly & Validation Services Brochure

Delivering precision solutions for technical medical device and diagnostic requirements, Lanco stands with its customers.

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MEMS Application - Robotic Cell

The robotic cell is assembling a part that is on the micron scale and about the size of 2 grains of rice.

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OKU - German

The cam system is designed to last for decades with regular maintenance.

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Pallet Transfer System

The versatility of the Lanco’s Transfer system makes it easy to adapt as production demands change and grow.

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Pallet Transfer System MPS 120

Lanco Integrated's Mini Pallet Transfer System is a modular transfer platform for material handling, assembly manufacturing and test systems.

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Pallet Transfer System HFL 2002-S

The HFL 2002-S Pallet Transfer System is a modular, non-synchronous transfer platform for material handling, assembly and test systems. It is suitable for creating lean manufacturing cells and building semi or fully automatic systems.

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Empowering Global Assembly

Benefits of Our Micro Automation Solutions

Custom Solutions

There are amazing breakthroughs in micro automation, and we can customize an assembly system to meet your exact requirements, whether that is manual, semi or fully automated. Our engineers tailor every track, tray, cell, and control to match your part, product and output goals. We collaborate with you to understand each of your components and processes to design a robust system.

Flexible Systems

Achieve high output and match changing demands with cells and systems you can upgrade and repurpose over time. Convert your system to align with your needs. With Lanco Integrated, you can confidently plan for the future today.

Global Customer Service

Our Total Service Solution fosters a strong partnership from our first meeting. We keep open communication and teamwork in the forefront of every project for a proven, strategic approach to success. With locations and experts around the world, you get the critical sales, training, or maintenance service whenever you need it.

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